Sunday, September 9, 2007

In love with whispering palms....

An evening my place ..Whipering Palms, mumbai....

Hymns of Whispering Palms

Leaning on the window pane
Petite rain drops on my face ,
I gazed at scanty clouds of dark
Emanate blazing thunder strikes .

Startling orchids swing their wings
To blissful hymns of whispering palms.
Soaked with streams of heavenly showers,
Mighty sun sinks in dusky times.

Strolling through those lovely yards
Feeling drizzle of glee inside
Throbs of heart wished to play ,
To rhythmic strings of Nature’s tear.

Freezing breeze glides its way
Melting flame of candle away
I slept in shades of silent dreams
With hymns of whispering palms in mind.

1 comment:

S.H said...

"drizzle of glee inside" i soak up this poem.
equally "In love with whispering palms...."