Sunday, September 9, 2007

In love with whispering palms....

An evening my place ..Whipering Palms, mumbai....

Hymns of Whispering Palms

Leaning on the window pane
Petite rain drops on my face ,
I gazed at scanty clouds of dark
Emanate blazing thunder strikes .

Startling orchids swing their wings
To blissful hymns of whispering palms.
Soaked with streams of heavenly showers,
Mighty sun sinks in dusky times.

Strolling through those lovely yards
Feeling drizzle of glee inside
Throbs of heart wished to play ,
To rhythmic strings of Nature’s tear.

Freezing breeze glides its way
Melting flame of candle away
I slept in shades of silent dreams
With hymns of whispering palms in mind.

Hope i could live my dream....

Waking up to the shimmering dawn
Imploring god for a day of peace
I strived again to lift my heart
To Live my dream for a day at least

Enticing themes of colorful life
Splashed across my droning times
Dreams got wide to seal my mind
I lost myself in the heap of time

Smiling faces led my way
Tag of Pretensions masked all days
Ran along, Ran ahead
Wore the tag on my run.

Pause and turn ! yelled the mind
Left behind were precious times
Sense of misery twitched my heart
Reflections of life emerged dark.

Spring comes again in life
Chimes of hope never cease
I strived again to lift my heart
To Live my dream for a day at least

Friday, August 31, 2007

Beat The Oddz

‘Excellent’ is a highly mistaken word in the contemporary world.
Excellence in any field is never an outstanding achievement
but merely a higher level of competence in comparison to
the existing segment. Many a times people of much varied talents
are entrapped in societal cocoons , compelled to stick with
a ‘safer’ option rather than pursuing a path of their taste .

I do not intend to illustrate analytical studies or comparative
measures to substantiate the point . Common observation of
the so called middle class mentality forms the basis of
my inference . There exists only a small chunk of people
who fly their way. Rest watch in awe all the ‘excellent’
achievements , but seldom attempt to carry out a deed
worth their talent.

Through this blog , an attempt to appreciate original
thoughts and brave endeavors would be made . Budding
Entrepreneurs , journalists , creative writers and anyone
who wishes to walk a different path are sure to be received
here. A word of thanks to Shriyanka and Aman for making
me start a blog. And to my bro Leo for all the suggestions.

Beating the odds is all about the strive to follow your dreams..
..Wiping away the shadow of insecurity ….Being an ingenious mind .

Beatz Of Pain

My first feeble attempt .....

Casual glance among a swarm
Beautiful ,whispered the mind
Did the breath impede for a while
Or Was that the divine find ?

Heeding to the inner voice
Love blooms wrapped the mind
Little did the thoughts remind
Failure leads to solitude at times

Should the snow cease to fall
Charming breeze care to die
Felt like so when the truth prevailed
Listened and cried to the beats of pain.

Soothing words make comfort zones
In the midst of feeble thoughts
Pierced heart can never charm
When it weeps the Beats of Pain.