Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the Name of Terror...Mumbai!!

Good Morning, ( "good mornings" & "good nights" are not meant for Mumbai)
Now its Friday 28th November 2008 11.30 a.m. New Taj has been cleared. Old Taj is still a witness to the fight within. There are terrorists still in there with a few hostages. There are number of hostages in Oberoi Hotel. Commandos are being airdropped in the Nariman House… Mumbai, Numb to all these, too big to buckle under these, is back to its normal life. “These”, the explosions, the gun battle, the...the…new ways of tearing apart lives in fraction of seconds. Extremists are gunned down in three places as of now. But is that all? Aren’t they out there? In the near by flat, office, transports …Awaiting the “next instruction”.
Political statements, “Strict measures…Steps to curb the menace …New laws…Compensation to lost lives… Nationwide alerts“…..Aren’t we tired…Is there a single person who really thinks that he can lead a normal life in Mumbai….A normal life…Hanging on to the overcrowded buses/trains/auto rickshaws….staying in congested flats…paying exorbitant prices…..That’s a normal life…..Mumbai offers bombs, semiautomatic guns, grenades also as a part of this normal way of living here at a cost of your life…
Some heroes like Hemant ,Ashok,Vijay , NSG commandos, local police with a gun and a “transparent” bullet proof jacket , shield our lives…Before I too forget them,let me offer a salute of gratitude to the brave hearts. There has been too much talks on “Mumbai Spirit ...Sailing through all the difficult times within days”…..Its not the spirit of Mumbai…its just that people out here have to survive…they have “no other option” but to get back to the above said “normal life”….
I have the leisure of sipping black tea and typing this mail in my office computer. I belong to those unfortunate few who have to "wait for the next strike”. I am the one who gets down from home and then panic on my way to the destination (office, mall, restaraunt, and airport). I don’t know whether there exists someone, something waiting to blow or bleed me apart.
These people. I don’t know who they are or where they come from or what laws protect them. “A Wednesday “ has put Mumbai again in the international news…..Is India really aware of the collateral damage which has been done….Is not India competent enough to defend its land…. Yes…We are aware of everything…We are capable of defending our land….But we are simply just not serious!! We do want more nuclear power…more economic stability…more international say…..But more over all these…we want to live a normal life here…Please ensure that leaders!!